Abdul Khadar Nadakattin (63) of Annigeri, Dharwad, Karnataka has a tamarind grove with about 1,800 tamarind trees. An innovative farmer, he first wanted to develop 16 acres of the dry land, which he had inherited from his father, for horticultural crops and planted mango, sapota and ber with chilli as an intercrop. It did not yield results due to scarcity of groundwater. He then decided to try his luck with tamarind trees. He started with planting 600 tamarind plants in 1985. As the plants grew well, he planted another 1,100 tamarinds in 1990 and some more later. He also constructed underground tanks to preserve the tamarind pulp longer retaining its original quality and flavour. He continued with his innovations by making a device to separate tamarind seeds and a tamarind slicing device for pickle making. He has also deviced a ploughing blade manufacturing machine, seed-cum-fertiliser drill, a super efficient water-heating boiler, automatic sugarcane sowing driller, a wheel tiller and many other small and big innovations. The National Innovation Foundation (NIF) honoured him with the Lifetime Achievement award in 2015.