Organisers of the Maha Kumbh festival at Nasik, Maharashtra made the largest lamp or Maha Kumbh Akhand Jyot, a one-of-its-kind 24 × 24 ft lamp with a 3,643 km long (almost the distance from Srinagar to Kanyakumari!) wick of 4 inch thickness. Held from July 14 to Sept 25, 2015, the Akhand Jyot (eternal flame) was lit on the opening day of the Simhastha Kumbh and kept burning for 108 days. The wick is mechanically engineered to keep the lamp burning.
Designed by Kumar Narawade Patil of Mohar Gramvikas Shikshan Pratisthan (Nanded), Pune, the lamp has a 24-ft-radius lower deck made of concrete, an upper deck with the wick area made of mild steel and a 9-ft-radius top deck.