For Christmas 2014, 32 Degree Studio, Bengaluru held a cake art exhibition called The Joy of Caking at Orion Mall, Rajajinagar on Dec 23, 2014. Six home bakers – DrArchana Diwan, Debyanjali Basu, Lavanya Kotha, Nidhi Danish Ali, Niveditha Mahendran and Poonam Ankur Shrishrimal – made a 6.1 ft tall, 2.9 ft wide eggless cake weighing 302 kg, which had Santa Claus balancing on one leg. They used these ingredients: 65 kg chocolate ganache, 45 kg buttercream, 160 cakes (7 inch dia & 750 g), 120 kg sponge, 64 kg fondant, 8 kg modelling chocolate etc. Under the guidance of Rakesh Saini, the cake was completed in 22 hours over 3 days. Later, large pieces of cake were sold to raise funds for orphans.