Vinod Choudhary (b Nov 20, 1994) of Mumbai, a student of MET Institute of Pharmacy, Mumbai, made a 3-dimensional origami model of a peacock by grouping small pieces of paper folded in a particular fashion on the college premises. The pieces were grouped together without glue. Tinted paper and chart paper in A4 size numbering 12,180 were used. Height of the model was 93 in (2.36 m) and the width 112 in (2.85 m). Time taken to make the paper units: 5 hr 35 min and to assemble: 15 hr 8 min. Forty volunteers helped to make the paper units and Viraj Khasgiwale and Sakhshi Jogani helped Vinod Choudhary to assemble the model from 10.35 am on May 12 to 3.30 pm on May 14, 2015.