Chachus (paternal uncles) are born great. When people say that there can be no one except your parents who can do things for you, I say it is absolutely wrong. Right from the beginning of my life, I have been with my chachu, sharing happiness and sadness altogether.

There’s nothing for which he said ‘no’ to me. The bond we share of being friends first is actually a dream for many people.

He has been through many ups and downs in his life, but I don’t remember ever seeing him sad or upset. We can ask him for anything and he immediately and happily fulfils our demands. He is part of the fun when all the youngsters of our house gather playing cricket and Ludo, and ordering our favourite snacks to eat.

It was the day of my board result and my chachu promised me to gift my favourite mobile phone if I scored above 85%, because, honestly, I had never made a studious effort to study really hard. So I was really scared and paranoid about my grades, and wanted to receive them as soon as possible.

After few hours when the result was declared, I was fortunate enough to have scored 87%. There was happiness, relaxation and above all, a sense of accomplishment in life that I actually scored above what I had aimed. I was excited as I knew that my favourite mobile phone was now going to be mine.

After some time, my chachu arrived, and he appeared to be going out. He said to me “Chalna nahi hai kya?” (Don’t you want to go?)

I said “Where?”

He replied, “Tumhara phone lene” (To get your phone)

God! I felt that I had earned something in my life for the first time. We then went to buy an HTC Explorer, which was an amazing phone at the time.

After getting my very own mobile for the first time, chachu and I were engaged in a discussion on what would have happened if I haven’t scored more than 85%. What he said was surprising. He said even in that scenario, he would have gotten the mobile phone for me because hard work could never be measured in grades.

I was completely stunned after hearing this. This made me realise the true meaning of unconditional love.

Everybody needs what I call, a ‘FUNCLE’ in their lives, which is a fun uncle, because uncles are much more fun than parents.

So, I would like to share my favourite Coke with my 'chachu'