History of Coca-Cola 1919-1940: the Woodruff legacy and Coke’s first Olympics

Arguably no person had more impact on The Coca-Cola Company than Robert Woodruff. In 1923, four years after his father Ernest purchased the company from Asa Candler, Robert became the company’s president. Candler had introduced the U.S to Coca-Cola, but the new company leader would spend more than 60 years introducing the drink to the world.

Woodruff was a marketing genius who saw opportunities everywhere. He spearheaded expansion overseas and in 1928 introduced Coca-Cola to the Olympic Games for the first time, when the beverage travelled with Team USA to the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. 

Woodruff pushed for development and distribution of the six-pack and many other innovations that made it easier for people to enjoy Coca-Cola at home or on the move. This new thinking made Coca-Cola not just a huge success but a big part of people’s lives.

What happened to Coca-Cola during World War II? Stick with our story:

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