Bibipur village in Jind, Haryana has been able to push up its female sex ratio after its 33-year-old educated Sarpanch Sunil Jaglan began advocating women power. His personal efforts to deal with the falling sex ratio began in 2012 when the nurse who delivered his baby girl refused to accept a tip because she had delivered a girl and not a boy. Today Bibipur has space for women where they can meet and discuss issues – Mahile Chabutra (terrace), Lado Sarai (pond for girls) and a Mahila Shakti Sthal (area for women power). A khap mahapanchayat even decided to slap murder charges against parents who encouraged termination of female foetus. On Independence Day, instead of the Sarpanch unfurling the flag, the honour was given to a woman who had only a daughter. The Gram Panchayat organised a Beti Bachao, Selfie Banao Contest for men and asked them to send a selfie with daughters. There was a phenomenal response with 794 images. Not only has the girls to boys ratio in Bibipur soared from 550:1,000 in 2012 to an equal number of girls and boys in 2014 but now girls are not dropping out of school. Many girls are also going for higher education too.