Ganesha idols and other artifacts

Pabsetti Shekhar (b Feb 22, 1961) of Secunderabad, Telangana has been collecting Ganesha artifacts since July 3, 1973. His collection had 16,845 idols, 18,361 photographs in 94 albums, 1,097 posters, 182 key chains, 164 audio/ video cassettes and 182 books, as on June 30, 2015. The articles vary in form, size, shape and material – gold, silver, bronze, brass, aluminium, precious stones, terracotta etc. He has all 32 forms of Ganesha and Shubha Drishti Ganesha, the 33rd form as well. He has also created various Ganeshas in glass painting and embossed painting and using materials like M-seal, POP, ceramic powder, betel nut, stones, wool, thread etc. His collection is from more than 30 countries.