Our country’s unfolding canvas of achievements takes seed in the past and also lies in the present, in its vast and diverse archives of accomplishments, challenges and records. The Limca Book of Records was conceived as exactly such a repository of inspirational triumphs, rising from across the nation and spanning its remotest edges. 

For the past 29 years, this book has brought together remarkable individuals and groups of people whose efforts have been fuelled by those special qualities that make ordinary humans extraordinary – the will and courage to go beyond existing boundaries, the perseverance to take setbacks in their stride, and the determination to stand apart and tower above the rest, in terms of achievements. 

While retaining the absolute landmarks in different fields, this edition of the Limca Book of Records incorporates a range of brand-new records, just as it did last year. They span across the breathtaking to the fascinating, from the sublime to the innovative, highlighting the country’s indomitable, buoyant spirit and endeavour in every imaginable field.

Shining above everyone else, Indian women for the first time stand among male fighter pilots, and an all-woman crew of six makes history by circumnavigating the globe in 254 gruelling days on INS Tarini. In adventure, open-water swimmer Rohan Dattatrey More from Pune, Maharashtra, becomes the first Asian swimmer and ninth in the world to achieve the demanding Ocean Seven challenge, swimming across seven of the world’s waterbodies. In traditional music, Haji Mohd. Idris and Haji Mohd. Ilyas of the Qutbi brothers sing their way through a 12-hour-long qawwali marathon. In the stadium, our sportspersons smash records in athletics, hockey, shooting, wrestling and more at the 2018 Asian Games. In laboratories, Indian scientists fashion the country’s first robotic telescope perched proudly at the highest astronomical observatory in Hanle, Ladakh.

In this book, once again, you will see close to 4,000 records, infographics and charts. The 30th edition of the Limca Book of Records takes forward last year’s redesign in its photo-display pages, accessible infographics and easily scanned charts. Building on the foundations of its history of over 25 years, the book carries ahead its legacy as an ever-relevant and easily referenced chronicle of our country’s many triumphs.

We hope that the record holders and readers will continue to share with us their views and, of course, their records. We look forward to more such exceptional records for our next edition, which will continue to narrate the amazing stories of all those who seek new limits to cross, and bigger goals to reach. 

T. Krishnakumar
President, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia