Dr Belinda Viegas-Mueller (b June 22, 1961) of Goa completed the Daal Baati 1200 km brevet held in Rajasthan from Feb 27-March 2, 2014, becoming the first Indian woman to accomplish it. She went on to complete the Goan Yoyo 1200 km brevet held in Goa from Jan 24-27, 2015 and the Daal Baati Churma 1200 km brevet held in Gurgaon from Feb 18-21, 2015, becoming the first woman to be credited with two such achievements in a month. With three 1200 km brevets completed within 12 months (2014-15), she is also the only woman to have done it thrice in a year. [Brevets are timed, long distance cycling events. A 1200 km event is to be completed within 90 hr or less].