Couples choosing obesity surgery for their second child is rare. The case of the Halwawala couple, Paresh (39) and Karishma, is also different as one partner has created a record for losing weight earlier (205 kg to 95 kg in 2004). They had got married in 2005 and became parents to Dhruv (now 8). But as the years passed, Halwawala piled on the lost kilograms and soon weighed 105 kg while Karishma had ballooned to 152 kg in 2011-12. It was difficult for Karishma to become a mother. Hence they decided to go for bariatric surgery in 2012. Paresh weighed 95 kg few weeks after the operation and Karishma was 77 kg. The couple then planned to go for a second child and Karishma gave birth to Mesha in 2013.The bariatric surgeon was Dr Apurva Vyas who conducted the surgeries at Sterling Hospital, Rajkot.