Indo Spark Construction Services, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, headed by Sandeep Ingale, organised the fastest rebar fixing event in which six workers fixed 1,021 TMT bars of 8 × 100 mm on a concrete cube in 38 min 52 sec from 7.32 pm to 8.11 pm on May 28, 2015. They used six drilling machines of 22 mm, six drill bits, 12 hole cleaning wire brushes, six vacuum cleaners, 18 ICFS CM 350VESF chemical (350 ml), 18 installation guns and 1,021 TMT bars (8×100 mm).
The team of workers included Balaso Tukaram Bidkar, Deepak Dewba Gawkar, Mukesh Madyappa Sutar, Ramesh Basappa Reddi, Parshuram Ningappa Biradar and Sardar Ganpati Desai.