The 130 Infantry Battalion, Territorial Army (TA), Ecological Kumaon and Kokuyo Camlin Ltd joined hands with 6,024 school children and teachers to plant 1,04,036 saplings in Iggarah Devi village in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand on June 5, 2015, World Environment Day. About 1,000 personnel from the Army, Forest Department, District Administration and local people also took part. Digging of pits was already done and so the entire plantation took only 19 min, starting at 11.10 am and finishing at 11.29 am. There were 13 varieties of saplings – ornamental, fodder/ firewood, timber and fruit trees. 130 Eco Task Force (ETF) is a battalion dedicated to protection of ecology in and around Almora and Pithoragarh districts of Kumaon. Since its raising, the battalion has planted more than 1.6 crore saplings on 15,000 acres of barren land with a survival rate of 65%.