Since all eco-friendly mosquito traps are expensive and require regular input of yeast, sugar etc, Shripad Vaidya of Nagpur, Maharashtra innovated an inexpensive trap that catches both larvae and mosquitoes simultaneously by using the breeding cycle of mosquitoes to trap them.
A transparent reused plastic container with a funnel attached from outside to maintain water level, has water borne plants like moss, grass and lotus that attract mosquitoes. The top of the closed container has a 1 cm-dia hole and a small tube through which mosquitoes enter the trap. Mosquitoes come out of the tube and get trapped inside. Some mosquitoes lay their eggs in the funnel water from outside. The funnel has a small filter sieve below the water which allows small larvae to go inside the trap in search of food but does not allow them to come back. The larvae grow into mosquitoes and start flying inside the trap unable to fly out.