Nancy Katyal, founder of The Perfect You, led the project Dress for Success, co-branded with Image Consulting Business Institute, Pune. It was conducted simultaneously at 11 different types of centres (coaching centre, gym, housing society, kindergarten etc) situated in 11 locations within the city of Pune, Maharashtra at 11.00 am on Sept 20, 2014. The 11 consultants were all women. In an hour-long presentation, the consultants (with two volunteers) used props to educate people about image management – clothing, body language, etiquette, grooming and communication – empowering them to enhance their image. The 11 consultants were Anne Anish, Akanksha A, Brunda, Micky Mill, Nancy Katyal, Neelima, Pallavi Patgaonkar, Ritu Punjabi, Ruchi Sakhuja Suneja, Rupali Daga and Vrushali Sitoleh.