Dr. Saleem Romani retired as Chairman of Central Ground Water Board under the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India. He has been a member of various Ministerial and Inter-Ministerial Committees and Sub-Committees on water management, and the domain expert in ground water. He has guided the preparation of the "Watershed Atlas of India". He was also associated with the preparation of the first Manual on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water in the country which provided the scientific formulation of various schemes by State Governments.

Following his retirement in 2009, he served as a consultant to the World Bank on a study titled "India: Institutional Framework and Organizational Arrangements for addressing Ground Water Resource Over-exploitation". As a Ground Water Expert, he has also reviewed the State Action Plan on Climate Change prepared by Environmental Planning & Co-ordination Organization of Madhya Pradesh Government.

His tremendous contributions can be noted in his 51 scientific articles which were published in national and international journals. He remains an active member of the Indian National Committee on Ground Water for R & D activities and continues to provide guidance on ground water to Madhya Pradesh Council for Science and Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

He obtained his PhD in Geology from Barkatulla University, Bhopal and a Masters in Technology from University of Roorkee.