Raju Umamaheswar of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has a collection of solved and unsolved crosswords, a hobby pursued since 1991. As on May 31, 2015, he has 1,54,394 solved and 5,42,441 unsolved crosswords. This tally doesn’t include the 4,122 online crosswords. He solves them every day and marks them with the date, time and location, creating a detailed diary of his work. He then saves his completed puzzles to add to his collection in India. He has a copy of the 8-ft The Longest Crossword No 1 which has 1,000 clues. He also has the world’s largest (4×4 ft) cryptic crossword book with 90,000 squares and over 12,000 clues. John Halpern’s A Century of Crosswords mentions Raju’s fad for crosswords.