A Coca-Cola packaged beverage should be served chilled during summers. But how do we ensure that in rural pockets of a country? The practical reality unfortunately is that there is no or intermittent supply of electricity in India, and some of the developing countries across the world. eKOcool Solar Cooler Programme is our sustainable solution to this business problem. 

In rural parts of the country, buying and maintaining a cooler or a refrigerator is a tedious task that comes with logistic challenges, first and foremost being access to electricity.  

In a country that has to balance economic development with care for the environment, every initiative to protect and preserve the environment matters. 

The sustainable solution: eKOcool – the solar cooler 

The eKocool solar coolers from Coca-Cola supply chain partners solve these challenges to an extent. These coolers harness sunlight and have therefore negligible negative environmental footprint

While the programme targeted expansion in Indian rural markets, it helped see the emergence of new retailers, new consumers, and tap new rural markets as well for Coca-Cola. These coolers have also been exported to other countries like South Africa, Lebanon, Turkey, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea etc. More than 1700 coolers have been installed in India across 5 states, South, East, North and Central India across various states in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Calcutta, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh; and over 400+ across other countries. It is also provided free-of-cost to women retailers in rural India, and bears the associated financial cost itself.

In all, eKOcool is an initiative that is worthy of being replicated across the globe, an eco-friendly way to keep our beverages chilled, and communities happy.