We have established multiple channels to connect with our consumers. In India, we are accessible over our toll-free number 1800-208-2653 and the consumer helpline email ID: indiahelpline@coca-cola.com. These are prominently displayed on all product packages. Consumers can also reach out to us through social media platforms.

To help enhance understanding of the manufacturing of Coca-Cola products, consumers are invited to our manufacturing plants across the country. These plant tours have become one of the most preferred and cherished ways for our consumers to get to know more about the products they love. We were delighted to connect with over 250,000 visitors through 4000 plant visits this year. The visitor profile includes people from different walks of life including students, media, government officials, distributors, retailers, corporate representatives and others. The plant tours have provided the visitors a first-hand experience of the rigour and quality that is behind each Coca-Cola product.