Coal India Limited (CIL), a government-owned coal mining corporate headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, came into being in November 1975 when the Indian government took over private coal mines. With a modest production of 79 million tonnes in the first year, CIL is now the single largest coal producer in the world. Operating through 82 mining areas, it has seven wholly owned coal producing subsidiaries and one mine planning and consultancy company, spread over eight States of India. CIL was recognized as a Maharatna company in April 2011. It contributes around 84 per cent of India’s overall coal production. In a country where approximately 55 per cent of primary commercial energy is coal-dependent, CIL alone meets 40 per cent of the primary commercial energy requirement. It commands nearly 74 per cent of the Indian coal market and feeds 98 out of 101 coal-based thermal power plants in India. It accounts for 76 per cent of the total thermal power generating capacity of the utility sector. CIL established a record by producing 554.13 million tonnes of coal in 2016–17.