After seven years and revitalising 1000 schools across India, Coca-Cola and the American India Foundation (AIF) are setting a more ambitious target for the Support My School programme.

The two institutions will support the government’s cleanliness mission and reach out to 5000 schools across the country under the programme which will now be called SMS Mission Recycling.

The programme is being aligned to the government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya (Clean India Clean Schools) mission and will look to set up waste management systems in both schools and communities. It will focus on the proper collection and segregation of waste including that of PET bottles.

In the first phase of the program, Coca-Cola India has partnered with the American India Foundation to positively impact an estimated 11 lakh children in over 5000 government schools nationwide and over 1 lakh community members on the long-term benefits of proper solid waste management.

“Building on our experience of driving awareness of sanitation and hygiene issues across schools in India, we believe that engaging students with waste management and recycling concepts will give them a deeper understanding of the huge role that sustainability plays in our future,” AIF CEO Nishant Pandey said.

“We believe that sustainable development should be at the heart of everything that we do and we must collaborate with our partners to find and develop solutions for a sustainable future,” T Krishnakumar, President India and South West Asia, Coca-Cola said.

During the first edition of Support My School, over 3.5 lakh school children in more than 1000 schools across the country were impacted. Thousands of toilets, urinals and wash stations were revitalised and hundreds of playgrounds were established in schools. The schools now serve as models to help revitalise other similar institutions.