Differently-abled children, especially in rural areas, often struggle for the basic necessities in life. A lack of empathy and understanding in their environment often makes their physical struggle a mental one as well. The result -dropping out of school.

The Coca-Cola NDTV‘ Support My School’ intervention has helped make life brighter for these children. Under the Support my School programme, separate toilets have been constructed for physically challenged students which was helpful in reducing open defecation.

Keeping in mind the number of differently-abled students in schools,the Support my School campaign also created a ramp to make it wheelchair friendly.All the facillities in these premises were made accessibility-friendly for students with special needs.

The results were soon there for everyone to see. There was significantly higher attendance rates-especially the physically challenged students.

“I don’t use PC toilet, as I cannot climb on it. So, I use regular WC. But, I thank the Support my School initiativefor providing this facility. Earlier going outside was tough for me,” says Shankara, a physically challenged student

The Support My School campaign is centred on the belief that every child is entitled to an equal opportunity to succeed, and that the best way to provide this opportunity is through quality and inclusive education.

The initiative believes in providing children from all communities, backgrounds and challenge swith the education, skills, protection and support they need to help them grow into capable and responsible citizens.

By 2017, the campaign aims to achieve a new level by reaching out to 1000 schools and building toilets for differently-abled children.