As SMS completes impacting 1000 schools across the country, students who have benefitted from the improved facilities and infrastructure have been more than just happy. All schools put together have now reported a 15.1 per cent improvement in enrolment by the end of 2016.


Vijay Kumar Sanganakallu, a teacher in a primary school near Bellary, Karnataka, is one of those teaching in a school which has been revitalised.

The Government Lower Primary School Ambedkar Colony, Sangankal was like just another government school. Located about five kilometres outside Bellary, Vijay had joined the school in June 2011. When he joined, he was the only teacher for the school which had 79 students.

This school is located in the backward area, surrounded by a lot of houses whose residents work as daily wage earners. The school building had been built on one big rock due to which the students did not have access to water. They were also not able to use toilets.

Vijay had found it difficult to work in such an environment and had decided to seek a transfer to another school. Two other teachers appointed in 2012-13 found it difficult to continue in the trying circumstances. They too were exploring opportunities to move to another school.

During 2012-13, Coca-Cola and its partners identified the school as one that would benefit from the Support My School programme. A boundary wall for the school and toilets for girls were built. Infrastructure for providing drinking water, which could be pumped up the rock was organised.

That spurred the teachers into action. They joined hands with the forest department and planted trees around the school. 

“We changed our mindset. Instead of seeking a transfer we are continuing in this school. We (four teachers) are happy to be in this school,” Vijay said.

“Thanks to World Vision India ADP Bellary, Coca-Cola and NDTV, Support My School Campaign made our school as a model school,” he added.

Today, the beautiful and green environs of the school, with basic facilities put in place, have proud teachers and students. The parents must be proud of the lessons that their children have learnt.

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