There is something special about Goblej village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. On the first floor of a unit there is a hall, and from this hall you can hear a synchronous sound of working of machines. No, not the big majestic ones, but the smaller, more delicate ones. This is the sound of the sewing machines, working in harmony, one with the person who is sitting right behind it. This is the Jivann Jyot Sewing School set-up by Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Limited (HCCBPL) in 2010 with the goal of creating an alternative source of income for women.

The women to are trained here are now bread earners. They are now financially independent. They are now empowered. Once, they came from the economically weaker sectors of the society with no skill to ensure one. Jivann Jyot was initially set-up with 15 sewing machines in 2010. The success almost immediately followed and led to a request for 15 more, which were installed the following year. More are to follow.

The school is for feisty girls, who are determined to be an earning and contributing member to their family. Girls who are passionate to learn, and use it to empower themselves. This initiative is for those women who have lost the opportunity to study further due to financial issues, or societal boundaries. Girls like Mobina Syed, Shahnaz Bano and Manjulaben.

Not only they learn how to cut, stitch and sew, they also teach other girls who join them. What’s more, not only do they want to learn from Jivann Jyot, but they also are entrepreneurial at heart and want to start their own sewing schools to empower their kind, their society.

This initiative has already stitched the lives of over 150 families and it won’t take long to ensure that many more women in rural India are empowered to turn into entrepreneurs.