Here’s an interesting composition in the Coke Studio Featured Song section. But before you play the video below, there’s something we need you to do. Don’t worry, it’s not much. Just follow the instructions below for 20 seconds.


Plug in your headphones, point your cursor on the Play button, now close your eyes and click on the button……… Hey! Don’t peek!

Surprised to see that it’s not an Indian singer? Now you know what that ‘close-your-eyes’ exercise was all about! After all, Coke Studio is all about music that breaks boundaries and stereotypes!

About the Song
The above composition is by none other than British-Indian musician Nitin Sawney and the singer in question here is Nicki Wells, an extremely talented singer proficient in Indian classical music. She has been complemented beautifully by Ashwin Srinivasan in this song.

The song Nadia, which is based on a classical thumri, tells the tale of two lovers at the opposite ends of a river that separates them.

Hope you liked the song. keep watching this place for more interesting songs and the stories behind them.