In 2011 CCIPL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to establish the Coca-Cola ISB Retail Academy. This initiative is unique to India and the region and encompasses a very specialized academic program aimed at training mid-level professionals in the retail industry. This program adds another dimension to the The Coca-Cola Company's commitment to strengthen the dynamic retail sector in India.

The ISB launched a detailed diagnostic study to understand managerial capabilities and requirements at various levels of the retailing business, revealing several skill gaps. In collaboration with industry leaders, and corporate houses engaged in the sector and other important stakeholders, the Academy designed the program to establish it as the "gold standard" in retail training in India.

This initiative lays the foundation for a well-rounded retail management training program, thereby contributing to the quality of future retail managers. This will be an important driving force for the sector and the Indian economy, and CCIPL is proud to partner with a premier institute like ISB on this important initiative. 2011 saw 2 associates of CCIPL graduating from this program.