Zion Mundi, an improved variety of black pepper marked by high yield (even under shade conditions) and resistance to foot rot disease was developed from two local varieties Thottamundi and Neelamundi by PG George (64) of Idukki, Kerala through selection method from 1990-99. It also has berries of bigger size, long and uniform sized spikes (15-20 cm), high recovery percentage (46%) etc. It gives yield of 7 kg (dry) from a single vine and 7,700 kg from a hectare. His innovation won the NIF Award (National Second – Plant Variety) in 2015.
He has about 26 varieties of black pepper in his farm. George has also developed ‘Black pepper trees of Pulianmackal’ by grafting Zion Mundi on Brazilian Thippali. He has about 1,000 such trees.