Bboying is a style of street dance which is closer to gymnastics and acrobatics and has been practised around the world since 1970s. The dance steps are broadly divided into four categories: Toprock – refers to steps performed in a standing position; Downrock – refers to steps performed on the floor on hands; Power moves – refers to dance steps which require acrobatic movements, speed and momentum; and Freezes – as the name suggest refers to steps which require the dancer to freeze in a specific pose specially balancing on hands.

Kickstart Events organised a Bboying event at R City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai from 1.00 pm on May 4, 2014 where various dancers attempted to create records in various dance steps associated with Bboying.

Most air flares: Vikram Sehua performed 23 air flares in 19.98 sec.
Most back handsprings: Chandan Acharya performed 8 back handsprings in 6.46 sec.
Most barrel mills: Anikesh Mandal performed 29 barrel mills in 19.40 sec 
Most elbow tracks: Prem Bhawar performed 10 elbow tracks in 7.70 sec. 
Most flares: Chandan Acharya performed 35 flares in 37.87 sec.
Most halo spins: Mahesh Kamble performed 17 halo spins in 13 sec.
Most head spins: Mahesh Kamble performed 45 halo spins in 23.09 sec.
Most jackhammer: Shushant performed 100 jackhammers in 44.23 sec.
Most munch mills: Ashish Kanoujia performed 28 much mills in 14.70 sec. 
Most one hand hops: Rohit Shukla performed 90 one hand hops in 39.13 sec.
Most swipes: Harshad Jonathan Edwards performed 14 swipes in 12 sec.