Autographed books

Dr Neelkamal Maheshwari (b March 2, 1975) of Gwalior, MP started attending book launches to get the authors’ signed copy, a hobby since 2005. Through newspapers he gets information about book launches and ensures that he is present on the day. Celebrities ranging from Rajinikanth, Jackie Chan to Neil Armstrong, he has got autographed books from all! By June 30, 2015, he had a collection of 1,250. 
One of stories that Maheshwari regales his audience with is of the great painter MF Husain. When Maheshwari learnt that Husain’s book was being launched in Chennai, he caught a flight, reached in time for the launch but Husain refused to sign the book. As he was leaving disappointed, someone told Husain that Maheshwari travelled all the way to Chennai just to get his signature in the new book. Husain then took him home, served him dinner and signed the book!