At a time when hospitals needed as many helping hands as possible, selfless souls like Rajesh Bhande came forward for the greater good. This, 53-year-old who works as a forklift operator in Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, Pirangut factory in Pune, found a way to help people.

Rajesh was associated with the Poona Hospital, Pune in the early 1990s and is familiar with the doctors and the hospital staff. So, he reached out to them enquiring if he could volunteer in any way as he has some basic knowledge in the healthcare sector. The hospital staff asked him to help in making masks for visitors. Rajesh immediately signed up. With the aid of his wife and son, he started helping the Poona Hospital with homemade masks for free.

"It was such a joy to see my wife and son take turns to make cloth face masks on a sewing machine at home. Shortly, we were able to make 50 masks a day", Rajesh reminisces. They successfully managed to distribute more than 500 masks to the local hospitals as well as the residents of his society. He also extended this kind initiative to other senior citizens in his neighbourhood.

“I feel proud and privileged to be able to do my part for the society especially for those who are putting their own lives on the line”, Bhande sums up and also wishes to extend this noble initiative to MSMEs and corporate houses.

His generous efforts and challenging spirit inspire all of us to stand together and help the mankind to rise above all adversities with a smile.

Rajesh Bhande and his family joyfully doing their bit to help the community and creating hope, one mask at a time.