Festivities, fun and scrumptious food- the festival of Durga Puja has an unparalleled charm in Kolkata. It is that time of the year when spectacular theme-based pandals add to the grandeur of the festival and the entire city is illuminated with sparkling lights. As the ‘City of Joy’ preps up to welcome Goddess Durga this year and continue the legacy of pandal-hopping, a new juice-based offering was introduced by Coca-Cola to add to the gaiety. Minute Maid Litchi Treat made a debut ahead of the festive season and was launched in various stores across Kolkata.

Images from Kolkata

The Litchi variant was introduced last year by Minute Maid, in line with Coca-Cola’s focus on developing products in India for the local market that are more suited to palates of a particular region, especially in terms of flavours. Litchi Treat, which is a delicious blend of litchi and apple, is another step towards that direction.


“There is a special love that we Indians have for litchis, particularly in West Bengal,” said Srideep Kesavan, Director-Juices, Coca-Cola India, describing his thoughts behind the innovative product. “Minute Maid Litchi is loved by all for its delightful flavour and on the special occasion of Durga Puja, we wanted to offer an extra treat to our consumers. While most of the litchi drinks in the market are flavoured drinks, Minute Maid Litchi Treat is made of real fruit pulp, which gives it an authentic great taste. We hope consumers enjoy this new beverage from our portfolio.”Consumers, particularly the millennials were excited to sample this new product as the two fruit juices are rarely seen in conjunction.


Debapriya Mukherjee, an executive with a market research firm who tried Litchi Treat found it refreshing. “I always have a thing for trying out new drinks so I picked it. I feel that it’s quite refreshing and a bit different from other litchi products in the market. It has a tinge of apple flavour in addition to litchi juice which gives it an edge over plain litchi drinks. Definitely a must try!”


18-year-old Srijan liked it for the right amount of sweetness. “I am a great fan of Coca-Cola drinks and for juices, Minute Maid is amongst my favourites. This freshly launched drink has more litchi-ness to it, than just preservatives.” 


For 1st year Jadavpur University student Debalina Chowdhuri, it’s the easy-to-carry packaging in addition to the taste, “It’s a refreshing drink, especially during summers. The bottle is quite handy and can be easily accommodated in my bag.”




While Kritika Chatterjee, an MBA student, felt that a bit more of apple would add to the taste. “A bit more of apple flavour would have also been good, but it tastes good like this as well.”




Abhishek Saha, 3rd year college student enjoyed the aftertaste. “Minute Maid has never disappointed me, and the new addition is also a lovely treat! It has a nice aftertaste.”

Priced at INR 20/- for 250 ml, the beverage comes in a convenient PET bottle. After the pilot launch in West Bengal, the company plans to take it to the other states as well.

The time is ripe for the launch, since the festival isn’t considered to be complete without food. Authentic Bengali delicacies amplify the fervour of the celebrations and beverages make culinary experience even better!