India’s firsts and foremost, her stellar victories and accomplishments in human endeavour, structures, education, defence, government, science and technology, adventure, business, cinema, the natural world, literature and the arts – discover them all in this landmark volume that marks 30 completed years of the country’s only comprehensive book of records.

From the longest, tallest and fastest to the unique and truly extraordinary, this curation of superlatives presents an astonishing range of newly set records as well as those that have stood steadfast over the years. Besides infographics, tables and over 700 colour images, the Super 30 and Record Rewind capsules recall golden moments of the past three decades.

In our support of a cleaner and greener planet, a new environment and sustainability section spotlights eco-warriors and their earth-friendly feats. Finally, as a tribute to the fight against the pandemic, the Covid-19 feature traces mighty milestones, compassionate action and innovative ideas that echo the very spirit of the Limca Book of Records – persistence, resilience and triumph in the face of all odds.

 The all-colour celebratory edition of the Indian equivalent of the Guinness World Records.
Limca Book of Records has presented India at her best for three decades! And this time, it also highlights India’s milestones and landmark achievements in the Super 30 capsules sprinkled across the book.
It comes power-packed with over 4,000 records (including the absolutes and new), infographics and charts.
Along with fascinating new records, the 2020-22 edition also includes Record Rewind capsules of previous records.
Covers the length and breadth of the country through its 17 sections which include Human Story, Media and Communications, Science and Technology, Sports and Visual Arts.
Each chapter includes spreads, information boxes, photographs, number trivia and infographics that make for an easy and interesting at-a-glance read.

Showcases India's diverse and incredible people, chronicling superlatives across different fields.

Both informative and inspirational, the book is a must-have for all ages.

Five special focus sections:
- Environment and Sustainability: Positively planet-friendly actions and records.
- Combating Covid-19: A timeline of courage, compassion and innovation.
- 100 Years of India at the Olympics: An essay – a riveting historical sprint – by renowned sports journalist Gulu Ezekiel)
- Our country:  fascinating facts, stats and superlatives from all the states and UTs of India
- Thrillling 30s – A special section with 30-second and 30-minute records.

Binding: HB
Imprint: Hachette India
Page Extent: 512 pp
Special Indian Price: Rs 550