The river Godavari was decorated with a 1,400 m-long (jointed) sari at Pushkar Ghat near the Manthani Temple in Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh for the conclusion of the 12-day Godavari Pushkaralu Festival in 2015. Kothapalli Harish, a native of Manthani and a resident of Mumbai donated the sari as per the wishes of his parents. The businessman had joined 250 saris to make the long sari. The sari was taken out in procession from Manthani town to the river in a ‘palki’ and then spread across the river from one shore to the other at Pushkar Ghat. Several hundred devotees, men and women, participated in the ritual of spreading the sari. After the ritual the saris were separated and distributed to the pilgrims.