Did You Know?

The Coca-Cola India Foundation has set up over 130 water replenishment structures with a potential of replenishing 12 billion litres of water. More than 700,000 lives changed for the better in 550 + villages

Our water management mantra includes:

3 Rs

15% less water used in operations in the last 5 years


100% waste water after treatment is either reused or returned to nature at a level that supports aquatic life


148% replenishment of total water used


The Coca-Coca Company along with its bottling partners, fruit suppliers, and processors in India is contributing to the agri-ecosystem of the country, spanning the entire supply chain through a unique concept called the


Investment of INR 11,000 Cr over the next 5 years
Of this, ~INR 5,200 Cr will be for procuring fruits and
~INR 5,800 Cr towards creating supply chain infrastructure

Modern farming techniques &
sustainable agricultural practices
Direct impact to local communities
and stakeholders
More & better fruit processing
Demand creation – more choices
for consumers and happier

All our packaging is recyclable. Our global vision is to create a WORLD WITHOUT WASTE. Help collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one we sell by 2030.

We’ve initiated the journey with programmes such as:Clean shores, Mumbai

A community-led movement with the symbolic adoption of beaches in Mumbai to clean up litter

Support my School – “Mission Recycling”

An initiative to set up waste management systems in both schools and communities

Alag Karo: Har Din Teen Bin

An initiative aimed at establishing and sustaining segregation of waste at source and capacity building of the waste collectors
For more information, please visit: www.coca-colaindia.com or call us on our consumer helpline no. 1800-208-2653