Coca-Cola and its partners are working with the agricultural community in Uttar Pradesh for the ‘Meetha Sona’ project. The project is looking to enhance the capacities and knowledge of farmers towards sustainable cultivation of sugarcane.

Farmers will also be trained on good agricultural practices, efficient use of water and smart pest management practices to help drive efficiency in their farming.

‘Meetha Sona’ Phase IV was launched in January 2016 in partnership between DCM Shriram, Solidarid and IFC

‘Meetha Sona’ Targets to Benefit 125,000 Farmers

‘Meetha Sona’ targeting to benefit 125,000 farmers including women farmers within four sugar mills of DCM Shriram

5000 lead farmers will train 15-20 each, special attention being given to the needs of women and small farmers

Project aims to train and sensitise 8000 lead farmers on the components of sustainable good agricultural practices

Mobile van theatres are being used in an effort to reach out the highest number of farmers

‘Meetha Sona’ Project Training Methods can Improve Sugarcane Cultivation

Promotional video, other training methods being used customised for local farmers, 330 agricultural plots also being used for training

35000 Hectares of land will be brought under Good Agricultural Practices under the project  

Focus on sustainable sugarcane development in Uttar Pradesh to address poor yields, rising cost of cultivation

Efficiency of water use being closely monitored, data collectors being trained to record field monitoring parameters