Nature Forever Society ran an ‘I love sparrows’ campaign across the globe with about 6 lakh people participating on World Sparrow Day, March 20, 2015. The aim of the campaign was to show how the common man loved the sparrow and was involved in its conservation and that it was no longer limited to researchers, conservationists and environmentalists.
Posters with 20 different themes were created and posted on various links from which people could download them. People could then choose the theme they would like to be associated with and decide on a definite action. So a blogger could select ‘I love sparrows’ and blog for them. Others drew posters – I feed them; I say no to pesticide and insecticides; I say no to nylon threads; I plant native trees; I am a sparrow story teller; I am a sparrow photographer etc. Posters and photographs appeared on various social media networking sites as well as on the Nature Forever Society page. 
A highlight of the celebration in Mumbai was the creation of a Sparrow Man who interacted with people to get them involved in conservation of house sparrows. In Mumbai, the campaign was spread across five days from March 17-22, 2015 at the Prince of Wales Museum. An exhibition of sparrows from across the world was held at the museum. Nesting boxes, bird feeders and origami sparrows made by museum staff were also among the exhibits.