An Atlanta pharmacist’s secret formula gave Coca‑Cola its distinctively delicious taste. A few decades later, an Indiana glass company’s bottle design gave Coca‑Cola the brand its signature curves.

In 1915, Coca‑Cola attempted to fend off a host of copycat brands by strengthening its trademark. The company and its bottling partners issued a creative challenge to a handful of U.S. glass companies: To develop a “bottle so distinct that you would recognise if by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.”

The Root Glass Company of Terre Haute developed the winning design, mimicking the elongated contour shape and distinct ribs of a cocoa pod. The bottle was patented on 16 November 1915, and has since inspired a century’s worth of signature moments in film, social history, design and fine arts.

We're celebrating the centennial of our proprietary package in 2015 with a campaign that includes new ads featuring iconic celebrities Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Ray Charles. They show the stars being "kissed by" the Coca‑Cola bottle, an experience shared across generations for the last 100 years.

“The Coca‑Cola Contour Glass Bottle is a design classic, which has stood the test of time and fashion changes” said Bobby Brittain, Marketing Strategy and Activation Director, Coca‑Cola Great Britain. “We wanted to create a campaign that celebrates the rich history and heritage of Coca‑Cola throughout the past 100 years, and show how it continues to endure as a pop culture icon.”

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