style is not just what you wear. style is also who you are and what’s inside. style is about making smart choices and feeling stylish from within. style is as smart and crisp on the outside as it is pure and natural on the inside.

i could be talking about smartwater here or even the Lakme Fashion Week. or even the trio that reigned with their cloud-inspired creations at smartwater presents ‘The Platform.’ at the perfect launchpad for upcoming design talent, these designers touched the skies with their free-flowing creativity and freshness of designs which were #inspiredbybclouds

as part of our three-part ‘designer dairies’ series, here we have the dynamic duo Ishanee & Anirudh from the label ‘Poochki’ sharing the inspiration behind their designs, their experience with smartwater presents ‘The Platform’ and why the sky is not the limit for the future of ‘Poochki.’

Journey India: Tell us a bit about how the journey to smartwater presents ‘The Platform’ began. What inspired you to be a part of the event?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The journey to platform was purely serendipity. Since we had been working with delicate and diaphanous fabrics such as organza, this opportunity seemed like a perfect match and we decided to apply for it and hoped for the best!

Journey India: What was your take in terms of technique, craft, design and execution, on the theme- inspired by clouds?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The inspiration behind our collection, ‘The Black Cloud’ is the poem by Welsh poet and writer W. H. Davies. The poem begins almost as a love poem, however, ends on a threatening tone. It is this paradoxical nature of life that led us to creating the collection with dark hues. We have used our technique of hand block print with brush strokes to create the fabric for most of the garments. A few pieces have been created in crushed organza to depict the fluidity that one relates with clouds. The silhouettes are mostly designed keeping comfort as priority and are anti-fit in style.


Journey India: How did you ensure that your work was creative and unique- what made it stand out from the sea of other creations?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The collection has been created using the age-old technique of block printing featuring our exclusive stork print. The uniqueness comes from the hand-painted clouds, which blend in seamlessly with the theme. The crushed garments crafted in dark hues of black and blue portray the amorphousness one associates with clouds.

Journey India: How do you feel the mentorship with India’s leading designers helped you improve your work and the way you thought about design?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The mentorship was crucial in shaping our collection. As young designers we often have a sea of ideas, our mentors helped in streamlining these thoughts to present a consolidated line. The mentors aided us in understanding and reinforcing the business aspect of fashion.


Journey India: What was your most memorable moment from the experience?

Ishanee & Anirudh: It would be very difficult to pinpoint the most memorable moment, as the whole experience itself was very memorable. However, the highlight would be experimenting and creating textile which, according to us best suited the theme. We hand painted each cloud ourselves. The mentorship classes will remain with us for a lifetime. All in all, this has been one of our most successful shows and was very well received by the industry.

Journey India: What is your take on the fashion industry in India, and opportunities available for budding design talent?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The fashion industry is surely carving a niche for itself. Customers today are open and receptive to experimenting. This is a huge step forward as it gives budding designers an opportunity to think out of the box and innovate in terms of silhouette and design.

Journey India: Do you feel that smartwater presents ‘The Platform’ has helped open opportunities for you to build a career in design? If so, then how?

Ishanee & Anirudh: Definitely so. smartwater presents ‘The Platform’ opened a gateway to great media coverage which helps businesses grow organically and reach a vast audience, which otherwise would require years to achieve.


Journey India: Having gone through this experience and having had the opportunity to showcase at Lakme Fashion Week, what would be your advice to budding designers based on your learnings?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The one motto we live by is ‘follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up.’ The creative industry often influences one’s mind. It is crucial to identify what you truly stand for and then dive in whole-heartedly!

Journey India: What are your plans/career goals for the next 5 years?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The career goal is to be able to provide employment and livelihood to at least 500 people in the field of craft and otherwise.

Journey India: Finally, what does smartwater mean to you?

Ishanee & Anirudh: The concept behind smartwater is unique and innovative itself- to simulate into the natural biological cycle of cloud creation. The idea would be to constantly innovate to improve day to day life today for a better tomorrow.