Smartwater FAQs

Smartwater FAQs

1. what makes smartwater ‘smart’?

smartwater can’t really stream movies online like your smartphone but it is water that is made out of a smart idea. It is inspired by the simple process that nature uses to make clouds.  a process called vapour distillation

2. is smartwater made from the clouds/ rain?

Much like humans, smartwater seeks its core inspiration from nature. It mimics the clouds, known for creating the purest form of water, to create vapour-distilled goodness.

3. what is vapour distillation?

sounds complicated? well this is what happens, water evaporates into vapour. vapour leaves impurities behind. vapour is then condensed back to pure water. then this vapour distilled water is re-mineralized with electrolytes.

4. what are the electrolytes added to smartwater?

smartwater is re-mineralized with electrolytes- potassium, calcium and magnesium which gives it a distinctive pure and crisp taste

5. how is smartwater different from other mineral water in the market?

smartwater is inspired by nature’s process of making water, i.e., hydrologic cycle. as the name implies, the distilling technique that’s used to achieve the final product, is what sets it apart from just any water. added electrolytes give it a distinctive clean, pure, crisp taste.

6. is smartwater available all over India?

smartwater is currently available across all metros and some major tier 1 cities including Goa, Pune, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Agra, Lucknow etc. You can also order the brand online on

7. how much does a bottle cost?

smartwater is priced at INR 50/- for a 750ml bottle

8. is smartwater treated or processed to make it safe for consumption?

smartwater is absolutely safe for consumption. it is the number 1 premium water brand in the US. The water is made through the process of vapour distillation and then re-mineralized with electrolytes

9. What is the pH Level of Smartwater?

smartwater has a pH that ranges from 6.3 to 7.3, which means it is neutral

10. How can I contact the team to share my feedback or ask a question?

we would definitely like to hear from you. You can write in to us at or call our consumer helpline number - 1800-208-2653