At Plan India, we believe every child is entitled to an equal opportunity to succeed, and that the best way to provide this opportunity is through a quality, inclusive education. Through decades of grassroots development work, our core principle has remained unchanged: providing children from the most excluded and vulnerable communities with the education, skills, protection and support they need to help them grow into capable and responsible citizens. This enables them to achieve their full potential, and indeed, greatness. For this to occur, schools must embody the virtues of joyful learning and development. They must be able to viably impart a holistic and a quality education so children can reap their enduring benefits as they journey into adulthood. On the front line of child-centred community development, we find ourselves faced with staggering statistics. One in every five Indian children drops out of school and nearly 80 million fail to complete their elementary education. Almost 50% of our girls do not complete secondary schooling.[1] One of the major contributing factors is the poor quality of education and unhygienic sanitation facilities in our schools. Plan India has partnered with children, their educators, families, communities, civil society and other organisations across the country to develop sustainable measures to remedy these issues. Through the Coca-Cola and NDTV Support My School campaign, we set out to improve children’s access to their right to protection, education, proper healthcare, a safe and healthy environment and participation in decisions that affect their lives. The quality of our partnership is indicated by our results, and because of this partnership we have been able to achieve greater impact and sustainability of programme initiatives. Increased community engagement and accountability has led to infrastructural advancement and autonomous upkeep of schools, as well as higher enrolment, retention and completion rates at various levels of education. Along with our communities, Plan India’s partners and donors have worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality in the lives of so many deserving children. For their unwavering support in safeguarding the precious rights and the future of children across India, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. With children at the helm, we collectively strive to ensure that the education system can respond to the needs of those most vulnerable, and guarantee them the opportunity to succeed in school, career and life. We’re undeniably fortunate to work alongside these bright young minds every day, challenging inequality, promoting safe spaces for learning for girls and boys, and empowering them, their parents and communities to access complete education and all it entails. Having reached 35,000 children in 200 schools across eight states, our journey with Support My School has been tremendously rewarding. I am very proud to be a part of this journey and as Mission 1000 comes to fruition, I look forward to our organisations, together, doing more life changing work for and with the children of the country.[1] Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE) and Databook Planning Commission Bhagyashri Dengle is the Executive Director of Plan India.