Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential is a seemingly larger than life vision for an organisation of young adults trying to change the world in small and big ways. In AIESEC, unless it is crazy, ambitious and seems impossible, it is not worth our time. For an organisation that firmly believes that leadership is the fundamental solution to all the problems on the face of our planet and beyond, and that it can be developed in anyone, history becomes inspiration. Partnering with an elite brand like Coca-Cola was a milestone for AIESEC, globally. The scale and agility of the Coca-Cola Company has been challenging the thoughts and ideas of AIESECers, to be better, bigger and most importantly, relevant. It has been 67 years since the birth of an idea called AIESEC that transcends cultural, geographical and political barriers, to make a mark on the landscape of leadership development for global youth. Today, while 117 countries and territories have gathered together for the 67th AIESEC International Congress in India, our association with Coca-Cola is effervescing. On 21st August, we celebrated world diversity at Global Village - a soirée dedicated to encouraging our 800 international delegates to showcase their cultures, cuisines, arts and traditions. With the iconic red and white beverage in almost every corner of the open lawns, we truly had ‘Opened Happiness’ with Coca-Cola. At YouthSpeak Forum, our unique event that brings together both young and senior leaders to form a diverse cross-sector and multi-generational space for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues, Mr.Venkatesh Kini, President Coca-Cola India & South West Asia shared some of his life lessons and how they truly transformed the organisation. The contour bottle activity did not only commemorate the historic element that Coca-Cola prides in, but a symbol that united the delegates of International Congress in joy and enthusiasm. And amongst all these exciting activities and AIESEC’s 2020 vision is being crafted.Our 2020 vision is about placing our confidence in the world's largest youth movement to co-create ideas and put them into action for the next 5 years. We will do this in such a way that someday this movement becomes so big, that it is able to engage and develop every young person. Coca-Cola and AIESEC may be divided by nature, but are united by purpose. Our 2020 Visions are the roadmaps for converting our long-term aspirations into reality. While Coca-Cola envisions a world filled with opportunities that range from doubling its system revenues by 2020, AIESEC is working towards more and more cross-cultural exchanges that enable a person to live a challenging experience to ultimately become more self-aware, to gain the ability to empower others, to be solution-oriented and, of course, to become a true global citizen. As Coca-Cola celebrates 100 years of the remarkable contour bottle, that has been serving the selfless purpose of opening and sharing happiness across the globe, we would like to thank the organisation for its unwavering support. Like Mr. Ahmet C. Bozer, EVP and President of Coca-Cola  expresses in his message for AIESECers, we will work towards “overcoming adversities and let our vision propel us into the future.” As generations 2015-2016, we commit ourselves to transform this movement by ensuring that everywhere, we achieve today! Ana Saldariagga is the President of AIESEC International, 2015-'16