June last year, when Wendy Clark, one of our Senior Executives hosted the session #AnyGivenTuesday, she called out the many challenges that company communications must hold itself accountable to. One of these challenges, she said was quality over quantity of content - "the world doesn't need more content, the world just needs more good content. Good content though is a bit ephemeral… it is one that adapts itself with changing times, is engaging and is current and coordinated. Most times, good content is co-created – by partners, consumers, allies, employees, stakeholders. Good content are good ideas that are neither obvious in concept nor caged in the hallowed cabins of company executives. However, a steady stream of good content comes only when you are uncomfortable with "what you've got". Six months ago, we had invited a selection of key communication agencies in India, including our existing agency to bring their best thinking to Coca-Cola. The idea was to brainstorm, so that we were better equipped to create the kind of content that our stakeholders and consumers have come to expect of us. We wanted to harness the thinking of some of the best agency minds. We were open to all ideas! As it turned out, the best idea came from outside our current system. We have decided to take it ahead. As we take a pause in our relationship with Perfect Relations - our current PR Agency on Record, it is with excitement and anticipation that we welcome MSLGroup India into our fold. MSL Group, Publicis and their affiliates already work for us in India and many parts of the world and hence neither of us are strangers to each other. But then, any beginning is a first! It will take us some time to get used to not having the Perfect Relations staff around, arguing passionately, pitching ideas, provoking reactions, challenging our theories and assumptions. But I hope that they continue to keep us on the edge, even if it is from beyond the fence, much the same way as over the last decade. After all, "Ideas on the edge", is who we tend to partner with! Kamlesh Kumar Sharma is Director, Corporate Communications for Coca-Cola India and South West Asia.