Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., (HCCBPL) is a law abiding company. All bottling plants of Hindustan Coca-Cola including the Dasna Plant, operate in full compliance of all regulatory requisites. The quality of effluents discharged by the Plants are in compliance with the consent conditions given by the respective State Pollution Control Boards.

The Hindustan Coca-Cola Plant at Dasna, discharges effluents into the discharge site specified for the purpose. We have already represented these facts to the UPPCB, in an earlier communication with the Board.

In the context of the joint report of UPPCB and Central Pollution Control Board, we are yet to be served a copy of the report.  Since the matter is sub-judice and the report has not been made available to us, we are not position to comment on the specifics. If and when, the report is made available to us, we can offer a comprehensive response.

In a broader context, we do not see how it makes sense for a corporate like us, which depends on water as raw material for its products, to damage the same aquifers and the same environment on which we depend, for our business growth.