Hindustan Coca-Cola is one of the leading manufacturing companies in India which operates several bottling Plants that manufacture non-alcoholic ready to drink beverages. Like with any other manufacturing organization, we are going through a process of consolidation where new state-of-the art facilities are being built and existing production capacities are being optimized. These decisions are taken in keeping with Plant capacity utilization considerations, based on the market demands and projections.

As reported earlier by HCCB, we have currently only suspended manufacturing operations at 5 plants, but are continuing with all other operations including packaging, shipping and storage of products. We also retain the license to produce at these Plants. Should there be a change in demand projections in the future, we may utilize the latent capacity at these Plants.

There are about 390 employees that worked in these factories, more than 1/3rd of whom have already chosen to relocate and work at other Plant locations. 50% of the employees are still on Company roles and are yet to decide on their future course while the remainder have opted for VRS.