“The recent news article in a financial daily on Coca-Cola India taking a re-look to target schools is speculative and quotes us out of context. We recognize and respect the unique learning environment of schools and believe in commercial-free classrooms for children, it is for this reason that we have a comprehensive Responsible Marketing Policy and School Beverages Guidelines”.

Coca-Cola India is a founding member of India Pledge and has always been at the forefront of Responsible Marketing. The company remains committed to not aim or direct any media marketing activity from any source to children under the age of 12. We believe that decisions about the beverages that children drink should belong to their parents or guardians, as they are most responsible for their child’s care.

Based on this belief, Coca-Cola India reaffirms its commitment to responsible marketing practices and providing information consumers can trust in line with our long standing Responsible Marketing Policy. The Responsible Marketing Policy guides the company’s entire approach to marketing and establishes firm rules across advertising media for all the beverages. Further, the company uses independent auditors to ensure strict compliance with this policy.

The said interview was given at the time of socializing our latest offerings including Aquarius 3X which provides for  enhanced hydration with Glucose, Minerals and Fruit Juice in 200 ml TetraPak priced at INR 10/-  and Minute Maid Vitingo dilutable with 7 micronutrients priced at INR 5/-. Both these products are targeted to make high quality affordable nutrients and hydration to the masses.

Coca-Cola India remains committed to responsible marketing practices and will not undertake any activity which goes against the founding principles and spirit of the policy.”