• Activities spanning three days planned at DLF Cyber Hub to encourage citizens to adopt sustainable waste management practices
  • Popular Indian band, PARIKRAMA, to perform at DLF Cyber Hub on June 5 at 7 pm followed by a stand-up comedy performance by Vasu Primlani

Gurugram, 1st June 2018: In the build-up to the World Environment Day, SAAHAS, a not-for-profit organization, is hosting three-day community drive at DLF Cyber Hub, Gurugram from June 3 to June 5 as part of the World Environment Day celebrations. The fun and interactive campaign is aimed at raising awareness around segregation of waste at source to help build ‘zero-waste communities’.

The three-day program will witness activities such as a musical performance by popular rock band Parikrama, a stand-up comedy act by renowned comedian and passionate environmentalist Vasu Primlani, interactive game kiosks, Nukkad Natak performances and a splendid 3-D art installation created from waste materials, to spread awareness about source segregation. The program will culminate with a pledge by the community to inculcate proper waste disposal habits in our daily lives.

These activities are part of ‘Alag Karo, Har Din Teen Bin,’ a multi-stakeholder solid waste management program, which is aimed at generating awareness around disposing off trash in the right way by segregating it as dry waste, wet waste and reject waste. It is a collaborative initiative involving Government, private sector and civil society members. It is being supported by Coca-Cola India Pvt Ltd, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GmbH (Implementing agency on behalf of German Govt.) and Tetra Pak India; and is being implemented by Saahas.

As a part of the Alag Karo campaign, an estimated 20,000 households will adopt source segregation, and more than 500 waste pickers in Gurugram will be trained and equipped to handle segregated waste. The initiative will also include engagements with 50 schools and 50 commercial establishments to create awareness around waste management.

Schedule of Activities

  Date & Day


  June 3 (6pm to 9pm)
  June 4 (12pm to 9pm)
  June 5 (12pm to 9pm)

· Interactive Activities

· Street Play

·  3D Installation

  June 5 (7pm onwards)   

·         Cultural Event:

                  o Music / Band performance - PARIKRAMA

                  o Stand-up comedy - Vasu Primlani

                  o Pledge


Saahas a ‘Not for Profit’ organization was set up in 2001 under the Society’s Act.  Saahas is primarily focusing on programs based on the concepts of ‘Source Segregation and ‘Decentralized Waste Management’ within the framework of the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Rules 2016. Saahas works with government institutions, companies, households and schools to bring attention to best practices in the management of solid waste and also establishes collection and processing infrastructure.  The programs also provide better livelihood opportunities for the informal sector and people at the bottom of the pyramid. Our vision is that of Communities across the country managing Municipal Solid Waste at source in a socially and environmentally responsible manner because when waste is managed at source it becomes a resource.

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