Limca, the country’s leading brand in the cloudy lime segment, launched its new commercial in keeping with the ‘Phir Ho Ja Shuru’ creative campaign. The ad is a refreshingly new interpretation of the ‘Phir Ho Ja Shuru’ spirit after last year’s ‘chor-police’ film featuring the characters of a policeman and a prisoner. The spirit is about the ability to bounce back and start all over again after a physically challenging task and the role of Limca in recharging that spirit.

The commercial features a young man who wakes up late by the reminder phone call from his girlfriend. He has a prescheduled meeting with her father at a party. Then begins his race against time while enduring an overcrowded lift, traffic jam and the blazing sun. Despite this, he manages to reach the venue just in time to discover that the stewards serving Limca there are wearing almost identical clothes as him. Now, to avoid the likely situation of his future father-in-law mistaking him to be a steward, he decides to first quench his thirst with Limca, get refreshed and then set off to change his clothes and return. Limca is therefore positioned as a refreshing drink that rejuvenates people to get started all over again.

Explaining the thought behind the campaign, Abhijit Datta, Director- Flavours, Coca-Cola India, said, “Limca is a great thirst quencher and refreshes you to take on new challenges in the everyday tournament of life. We often encounter detours and obstacles in our daily lives that can lead to physical and emotional exertion. The ad is a take on daily challenges. It is these moments of our everyday that Limca inspires us to reframe and just keep moving on. The new film will be launched on-air on the 1st of June and will also feature on digital.”

“Phir Ho Ja Shuru" is about not giving up, and starting all over again after a physically exhausting task. Apt for a brand like Limca, which is known to rejuvenate and recharge by quenching your thirst. Our new commercial is quirky and uses relatable humour to drive home the message. The film is high on energy and has a peppy Punjabi track, besides a twist in the end that will surely bring a smile on the viewer’s face,” said RajDeepak Das, Chief Creative OfficerLeo Burnett.

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