Drinking water is essential for our survival and the key to good health. Every cell, tissue and organ in the human body needs water for its functioning. Proper hydration leads to an increase in energy and productivity. It helps a person sleep better, flush toxins from the body and can even contribute to weight loss.  

At Kinley, the trust of our consumers is of paramount importance. We combine our meticulous scientific research with the latest technology to provide trust in every drop to all our customers.

When a consumer buys Kinley Water, they can trace the journey of a water drop from its source to their homes. The water goes through a rigorous and intensive process of purification before it reaches the market. This purification process involves 10 exhaustive steps to deliver the highest quality water possible.

The 10-step process starts with Chlorination, which removes harmful micro-organisms, and Sand Filtration, where all suspended particles are removed.

Next, the water flows through a series of filters – a mesh of carbon for Activated Carbon Filtration that removes any chlorine residue, odour and odd taste from the water.

With Reverse Osmosis, the most crucial step of this purification process, all remaining impurities are filtered out. Kinley’s unique Lead Lag Activated Filter, followed by 5 Micron Filtration, further improve the quality and purity.  

UV Treatment, 1 and 0.2 Micron Filtration and Mineral Dosing assure that Kinley Bottled Water is the best-in-class. And finally, Ozone Filtration provides a further seal of guarantee that our consumers can trust every drop of Kinley Packaged Drinking Water

We believe that clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental right for everyone. Kinley Water is available in all parts of the country in multiple packs — from the 500ml bottle to the 20L Jar, we have a size that fits every need. 20L Jars are currently available in select key cities.

Consumers in Delhi NCR region can even use the WaterToHome app for their bulk jar requirements. This app offers the ease of ordering 20L Jar from consumers’ homes, and get it delivered at the doorstep. With different payment methods and the convenience of choosing a preferred delivery date, this app offers convenience at a click.  

Rest assured, Kinley Water is a brand that will always stand for trust and truth. Our attention to detail and continuous innovation guarantees taste and purity in every drop — Boond Boond Mein Vishwas.

About Coca-Cola India

Coca-Cola in India is one of the country’s leading beverage companies, offering a range of healthy, safe, high quality, refreshing beverage options to consumers. Since its re-entry in 1993, the company has been refreshing consumers with its beverage products – Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Thums Up Charged, Thums Up Charged No Sugar, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Maaza, VIO flavoured milk, Minute Maid range of juices, Minute Maid Smoothie and Minute Maid Vitingo, Georgia range of hot and cold tea and coffee options, Aquarius and Aquarius Glucocharge, Schweppes, smartwater, Kinley and Bonaqua packaged drinking water and Kinley Club Soda. The Company along with its owned bottling operation and other bottling partners, through a strong network of over 2.6 million retail outlets, touches the lives of millions of consumers, at a rate of more than 500 servings per second. Its brands are some of the most preferred and most sold beverages in the country – Thums Up and Sprite – being the top two selling sparkling beverage

The Coca-Cola India system provides direct employment to 25,000 people and indirect employment to more than 150,000 people. The Coca-Cola system in India is contributing in its own small way to building sustainable communities through community initiatives like Support My School, VEER, Parivartan and Unnati and by reducing its own environmental footprint.

For further information on the company's India operations and its products, please visit: www.coca-colaindia.com and www.hindustancoca-cola.com. Follow us on twitter at twitter.com/CocaCola_Ind, or on facebook.