New Delhi, January 3rd, 2013: Coca-Cola, as the universal icon of happiness is launching its latest brand campaign, ‘Crazy for Happiness’. This campaign encourages and inspires individuals to engage in acts of genuine goodness, no matter how small, to shape a happier and more harmonious world. In a world often marred with negativity and despair, the brand celebrates the unsung stories of kindness and joy. These stories, not only bring joy, but they also inspire us to emulate such acts of goodness in our own worlds.

Speaking about the campaign, Anupama Ahluwalia, Vice President, Marketing, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia, says,” In today’s world, we have become insular and self-focused. The “I” tends to stop caring for the “WE”. Being kind to a stranger is often considered “crazy”. When you do something good for others, happiness is inevitably the end result. Therefore, be a little crazy and open happiness.”

Prasoon Joshi, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, McCann World Group India says “We are fast becoming a society with growing levels of selfishness and apathy, and are losing intrinsic values such as kindness and concern for others. In such times, when you see someone being kind to strangers, it brings a smile to your face. You feel positive and optimistic about the world we live in. The Coca-Cola ‘Crazy For Happiness’ campaign believes and celebrates such selfless/random acts of kindness by strangers, thereby provoking belief in a happier world.”

Set to the upbeat and evocative “Haan Mein Crazy Hoon” jingle composed by ace musician, Amit Trivedi, the ad shows Indians from various walks of life committed to random acts of kindness. They include the girl who draws smileys on car windows, another who high fives strangers, a third who uses her gifts as a singer to raise money for the treatments of sick children, and the young man who makes a daily commute to the far end of his city to feed homeless dogs. Even in the face of negativity, these are people who, through their seemingly ‘crazy’ acts of optimism and kindness bring happiness to our world.

The campaign has been scripted by Prasoon Joshi, Sambit Mohanty, Rahul Mathew, Vineet Mahajan, Akshay Kapnadak of McCann India. The film has been directed by Shujaat Saudagar of Boot Polissh Films with music by Amit Trivedi.

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