Mr. Deepak Jolly, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communication, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia presents Coca-Cola’s mantra of sustainability at the Kerala Management Association; unveils new framework of sustainability – Me, We World

New framework focuses on creating sustainable communities through programs and initiatives for individual, social and environmental well-being

Cochin, February 8, 2013: At Coca-Cola India, the core mantra for success is sustainable communities for sustainable growth. At the recently held 32nd Annual Management Convention of the Kerala Management Association, Mr. Deepak Jolly, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communication, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia presented the company’s revamped framework of sustainability – “Me, We, World”. The agenda for sustainability set out by this framework takes a renewed approach towards Coca-Cola’s programs, projects and initiatives in the country to encompass wellbeing at the three levels of individual, society and environment.

Under this new framework, Coca-Cola is focussing on personal wellbeing through initiatives focussed for Active Healthy Living, such as the Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy U-16 football and championing the cause for balance diets and responsible marketing to children. Initiatives such as the global 5by20 program, aimed at empowering 5 Million women by 2020, Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School campaign to create holistic learning environment for children in rural schools and Career Development Centers for the rural youth are aimed specifically at social wellbeing by creating positive impact for rural communities.

The framework further expands to include environmental sustainability through water replenishment initiatives such as rainwater harvesting projects, drip irrigation projects, rejuvenating traditional water bodies, restoring ponds and lakes and creating check dams. With these and other interventions, Coca-Cola India has achieved a ‘net zero balance’ with respect to groundwater usage in the country. In 2010, India became the first country in The Coca-Cola Company system to reach this achievement. Coca-Cola’s innovative eKOCool solar coolers for rural retailers and Project Unnati, which trains mango farmers in the Ultra High Density Plantation technique, are other initiatives taken up for environmental sustainability.
Speaking about Coca-Cola India’s sustainability agenda, Mr. Deepak Jolly, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communication, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia said, “Businesses are intrinsically linked to the communities they operate in. We believe that a sustainable business can only thrive within a sustainable community. Hence, our aim is to develop our business by making a positive difference to the communities we serve. We at Coca-Cola India strive to Live Positively every day. The “Me, We, World” framework supports this aim by promoting well-being amongst individuals, building stronger and self-reliant communities as well as protecting the environment. We believe strongly in the power of partnerships. Hence, our focus is to create a Golden Triangle – bringing together business, government and civil society to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.”

About Coca-Cola and Citizenship

The Coca-Cola Company has always placed high value on good citizenship. At the heart of business is a mission statement called the Coca-Cola Promise — “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone that it touches.” This basic proposition means – that the company’s business should refresh the markets, protect, preserve and enhance the environment and strengthen the community. Coca-Cola India provides extensive support for community programs across the country, with a focus on education, health and water conservation. For further information on Company’s India operations and its products, please visit